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Consider learning more about Gwinnett County, one of the most vibrant, diverse, embraces the future, Gwinnett is a slice of life of many cultures, and many countries. While Gwinnett embraces its past, it looks forward to its future. The county is one that has seen tremendous growth, bringing many opportunities. Its welcoming of newcomers speaks to its friendliness, while it retains deep ties to its past. Gwinnett County dates from 1818, and for the next 130 years, had little growth. But starting after World War II an onrush of growth occurred, moving the county from 32,250 people in 1950 to nearly 900,000 today! Gwinnett has been one of the fastest growing counties in the United States and recently the fastest growing county in Georgia. Gwinnett has 16 cities– -more than any county in Georgia– -but 80 percent of its people live in unincorporated areas of the county. Nominate yourself to join the Gwinnett Senior Leadership program, so you can learn more about Gwinnett, enjoy the people around you from all parts of the world, and become a more informed citizen.