Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gwinnett Senior Leadership?

Gwinnett Senior Leadership is a program supported by public and private organizations, as well as individuals. The program is designed to offer a variety of opportunities for adults, ages 50+, who are seeking new learning experiences and want to make a positive difference in their community. Participation in the Gwinnett Senior Leadership program is intended to enhance the leadership skills of senior adults, whether employed or retired.

The Gwinnett Senior Leadership program is designed to educate and provide networking opportunities to utilize the wealth of experience, knowledge and energy of the Gwinnett senior community. The program is non-political and does not attempt to create a consensus or to promote any specific issue. Participants are encouraged to take their increased knowledge of our community and familiarity with its leaders, and involve themselves in all areas of our Gwinnett community life.

 Objectives of Gwinnett Senior Leadership Program:

·To identify and inspire or re-inspire existing potential community leaders willing to get involved and explore community issues and respond through community involvement

·To acquaint these leaders with major community issues and the complexity involved in finding good solutions for ongoing challenges

·To give participants the opportunity to meet and interact with current community leaders

·To assist participants in expanding their leadership skills and applying them to maximum use in their community

·To investigate leadership ethics and values

·To connect participants in the community with community leaders and alumni

Who is eligible for Gwinnett Senior Leadership?

The Gwinnett Senior Leadership program goal is to select a diverse participant group, 50 years of age or older (actively employed or retired), to include a cross section of individuals from business, social services, neighborhoods, religious, cultural, civic, and educational backgrounds. Preference is given to applicants who live or work in Gwinnett County.

What can the participant expect?

The Gwinnett Senior Leadership program will enhance participant leadership skills and community knowledge through a series of nine one-day sessions. Topics such as growth, health and human services, regional relationships, government, education, power, and justice will be explored.

How much time is required?

The Gwinnett Senior Leadership program runs from August through May. The time commitment is for eight one-day sessions, a welcome reception, and graduation. In addition, there are three Study Group sessions and a number of related program day community tours. A commitment to attend all sessions is important.  

How is one nominated for the Gwinnett Senior Leadership Program?

An individual may be nominated for the program by a firm, an organization, an individual, or may be self-nominated. Once nominated, the individual will be asked to complete an application that will be the sole basis for selection. 

Program runs August through May. Program Days include:

  • Welcome Reception
  • Orientation Day
  • Community Infrastructure Day
  • Regional Day
  • Power Day
  • Justice Day
  • Education Day
  • Government Day
  • Health & Human Services Day
  • Graduation

*Discussion Group Meeting Dates to be set by Discussion Groups